Pesach University

Join us for these wonderful sessions at Beth Shalom.

Each will be taught twice, first at 10 AM and again at 10:45 AM!

Meaning at the Seder: Has your seder lost its luster? Finding it difficult to relate to 10 plagues, four cups of wine and Dayyenu? Learn with Rabbi Seth Adelson to help navigate the essential questions of this night: Why are we here? Why are we discussing the Exodus and not eating? And what could it possibly all mean to us today?

Kashering Your Pots: There are many laws when it comes to Passover, from kashering one's pots, to how much matzah we're obligated to eat, to what is required at your seder. It can be easy to go overboard. Sit with Rabbi Jeremy Markiz as we review the technical aspects of Passover and what is vs what is not required.