The Derekh Tzedek Hesed Committee (DTHC) is a group of Beth Shalom members that meet regularly on regularly sustained projects meant to aid, uplift, and transform the lives of others. We come together for two kinds of actions:

  • Tzedek - justice. Taking action through advocacy. Raising our voices to create change. Dismantling systems of inequality and harm, and replacing them with something better and more equitable.
  • Hesed - lovingkindness. Aiding others in need through volunteer activities.

The DTHC has a variety of ongoing projects, listed below.

  • Medical Lending Library (AKA the Medical GemaCh) - The medical lending library is place for Beth Shalom members and Squirrel Hill residents to donate a wheelchair, walker, crutches, or a knee scooter to Beth Shalom. DTHC members will deliver a mobility device such as this to any person in need for short term or long term use. For more information, click here.

  • Monthly Tzedek Project - Each month DTHC members gather to participate in an action project. Our monthly project will be posted in the synagogue bulletin, the weekly email, and on the website.

  • Ongoing regular volunteer opportunities - There are currently three regular volunteer opportunities for Beth Shalom members to get involved in through the DTHC. You can
    • volunteer to do a delivery of a medical device. Contact to get on the list of delivery drivers.
    • volunteer to deliver groceries for the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry. Call 412.904.5978 to schedule a time.
    • join our hospital and nursing home visiting brigade to visit folks in local hospitals and senior homes, and bring them a bit of cheer.

To learn more or to join our band of do-gooders, contact for more information.