Congregation Beth Shalom embarked on a strategic planning process in spring 2018, and began work in earnest in the fall. Through this approximately year-long process, we sought to better understand the recent evolution of the synagogue since its last plan was developed in 2008, identify current strengths and weaknesses, and highlight a set of priority recommendations and actions to implement over the next five years. We took an approach oriented towards continuity, recommending ways for Beth Shalom to continue to be and do all of the things our current members expect. This plan represents the collective work of dozens of synagogue leaders, supported by professional staff, and provides a framework for Beth Shalom to adapt and thrive in the near-term and for decades to come. Here now is the completed Strategic Plan.

Appendix I - Fact Book Materials

Pittsburgh Jewish Community Assessment Results
Beth Shalom Themes
Beth Shalom Emerging Themes
Pittsburgh Fact Book
Preliminary Survey Results
Survey 1.1

Appendix II - Full Task Force Reports

Financial Sustainability Report
Leadership and Volunteer Task Force Training Report
Membership Engagement Report
Youth Task Force Report

Appendix III - Grouping Work Session

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Appendix IV - Detailed Implementation Table

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Appendix V - Proposed Mission and Vision

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