What is Derekh?

Derekh is Congregation Beth Shalom's adult programming department. 

Derekh programs include many modes of engagement - Social, Arts, Justice, Torah, and Music. We see ourselves as an engine for innovation, experimenting with new programs, new ideas, and striving for creativity.

Derekh is a synagogue initiative that is highly directed by our members - we want our members to help envision the programs that would create community, spirituality, learning, and personal growth.

If you want to get involved in the planning and programming of Derekh activities, email our Derekh Director, Shari Woldenberg, at swoldenberg@bethshalompgh.org .

Ongoing Derekh Programs

Sundays - Online Parashah Study Group

Our online parashah study group discusses the weekly Torah portion and goes in-depth into some of the more interesting lines with use of traditional biblical commentators like Rashi and Ramban.

Class takes place Sundays at 8:30pm and is lead by Beth Shalom congregants. To join in via Zoom, click here.

Mondays - Talmud

The Babylonia Talmud is the main body of rabbinic literature that helped to refine Judaism in the post-biblical period and define what Judaism looks like centuries to follow. Composed between 30 BCE and 476 CE, it is primarily composed of stories and legal debates, but also includes all kinds of other things like popular aphorisms, recipes, prayers, and even magic spells.

The class is a join program between partner synagogues - Pittsburgh, PA's Beth Shalom and Karmiel, Israel's Kehillat HaKerem.

Our class meets in person in Beth Shalom's Lehman Center on the second floor, and also online, every Monday from 9:15 to 10:15 am. Our teacher is Rabbi Mark Asher Goodman, Beth Shalom Associate Rabbi.

To join via zoom, click here.

Wednesdays - Life and Text Parashah/Hassidut Group

Bring the weekly parashah alive with Derekh's Life and Text class. Each week we take a dive into the text by looking at it through the lens of Hassidic tradition. These rabbis of 18th, 19th, and 20th century Eastern Europe brought their own personal

Medical Devices 'Gemach' - Lending Library

Beth Shalom provides short-term and long-term loans of personal-use mobility items like walkers, wheelchairs, rollators, canes, knee-scooters, and shower chairs to anyone in need. Contact Rabbi Goodman to donate or to borrow a device at mgoodman@bethshalompgh.org .

Upcoming Derekh Programs