What is Derekh?

Derekh is Congregation Beth Shalom's adult programming department. 

Derekh programs include many modes of engagement - Social, Arts, Justice, Torah, and Music. We see ourselves as an engine for innovation, experimenting with new programs, new ideas, and striving for creativity.

Derekh is a synagogue initiative that is highly directed by our members - we want our members to help envision the programs that would create community, spirituality, learning, and personal growth.

If you want to get involved in Derekh - you have an idea for a program, or you want to help with a Derekh committee like the Tzedek Hesed Committee or Racial Justice group, email derekh@bethshalompgh.org.


Derekh Groups

Beth Shalom's Tzedek Hesed Committee works on issues of justice and social need, including our flagship program, our Medical Devices Lending Library (called in Hebrew a Gemah). For more information, click here.

Our Racial Justice Task Force works on aligning the shul's core values with foundational Jewish values in equality, humanity, and justice. For more information, click here.

Current Weekly Derekh Programs

Upcoming Special Derekh Programs