Membership at Beth Shalom means being part of a community of Jews who recognize the value of caring for each other, volunteering, living an ethical life, and fully expressing their spirituality. Being a member of Beth Shalom is an obvious outgrowth of being part of the community. Members are involved in the planning and leadership of activities and services and have a voice in where Beth Shalom is heading in the next 100 years. Members have taken responsibility for their community.

Becoming a member of Beth Shalom generally requires meeting with the Senior Rabbi, Executive Director or President, who will explain the programs and take you on a tour of the building and grounds. There are few requirements to membership, but at least one person in the family unit must be Jewish. Once you have decided to become a member, the form must be submitted and financial arrangements for the annual dues must be made. You are officially a member once the Board of Trustees has approved your application.

If you have questions, please give us a call at 412-421-2288.


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