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Roni Krivoi Released!

Roni Released! Roni Kriboy, a 25 year-old Israeli from Pittsburgh's sister community in Karmiel, Israel, is one of the hostages who has been released during

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Shabbat with Beth Shalom

Beth Shalom offers daily prayer services, morning and evening. Our Shabbat services are held on Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon evening. 

For times and details on upcoming religious services, click here.

To hear audio recordings of our Shababababa, Friday night, and Saturday morning services, click here

Youth Tefillah (Services)

Manny's Service

Manny's Service is a Saturday morning service for children ages 3 to 7. Families are welcome to join in with their children on this fun,

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March for Israel

Beth Shalom's Blogs

To view Rabbi Adelson's High Holiday sermons for 5782, click here.

The Modern Rabbi by Seth Adelson 

The musings and sermons of Beth Shalom's Senior Rabbi can be found here:

Hassidut for the People

Click below for the writings of  Rabbi Mark Asher Goodman:

Solar Roof Initiative

CLICK HERE to view the daily solar updates and more solar initiative project information.