Pinhas 5780 - Youth Tefillah Blog

This week’s Torah portion is Pinhas. In this week’s portion, we learn about working together. There are some things we cannot do all by ourselves. We all need help sometimes. Maybe that is making a meal, tying our shoes, or reading a book. That is why we work together!

What are the things you need help doing?

In the Torah, God and Moses worked together to help the Israelites in the Desert. God and Moses were very close friends. God needed Moses’ help to teach the Israelites all about the rules in the Torah. Moses needed help from God on how to be a good leader for the people. 

Do you have a friend that helps you? What do they help you with?

When Moses, God, and the Israelites arrived at the edge of the Promised Land, God told Moses that while he had been a good leader, it was someone else’s turn. Moses did a really good job, but that it would be Joshua’s turn to lead the people. Joshua was very brave. When the people were scared, he told them that God would help them if they needed it! 

Do you think it is brave to get help when you need it? Do you think it is brave to help others?

In Pinhas, we learn all about working together, helping each other, and taking turns. We cannot do everything all on our own, so it is good to get help. Just like God and Moses, we can work together to do amazing things.

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