Bamidbar 5780 - Youth Tefillah Blog

Photo by Kyle Cottrell on Unsplash

This week’s Torah portion is Bamidbar. There are five books in the Torah and Bamidbar is the fourth book. This week is the first week of that new book! One of the best parts about reading books is finishing and starting new books. Each one is a chance to start over and learn even more!

Do you have a favorite book? What do you like to read?

In this book we learn more about the Israelites who were in the desert. They are our ancestors and we are a part of their family. They were in the desert camping in tents for a long time and trying to figure out what to do next. So, they went to their leader Moses to learn about what their job should be. 

Do you have any jobs around the house? What do you do to help your family?

Each family in the desert was a part of a tribe. A tribe is like a family of families. Each family and tribe got jobs so that they would know what they were supposed to do to help everyone. Some people’s jobs were to walk in front of the group, like line leaders, some people helped in the mishkan, which is God’s special tent in the desert. Everyone had something important and special to do.

There is a word for when everyone works together, it is called cooperation. It is when everyone takes a job so that everyone can be happy. In your family, everyone cooperates to make sure everyone can eat, play, and take baths.

What is an example of cooperation in your family? 

Moses helped the Israelites figure out what everyone’s job should be, and parents can help us figure out what our jobs can be!

In Bamidbar, we are reminded that everyone can take a job to help out the family and tribe. We can always ask, how can I help? We are excited to start a new book of the Torah and learn something new.

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