Modern, Biblical, and Prayerbook Hebrew Online - With Derekh and Maven

Have you ever wanted to learn to speak Hebrew? Or become more comfortable with the siddur - the Jewish prayerbook? Through a partnership between Beth Shalom's Derekh Program and the American Jewish University, we are offering online classes at multiple levels -beginner through advanced -in Modern, Biblical, and Prayerbook Hebrew.

Simply click on this link to go to the Maven website. There, you can browse the different Hebrew offerings and sign up for a class. 10 sessions, running weekly from January to March, costs just $350.

To register, sign in on the Maven home page. When you fill out your registration details, make sure to mark 'Beth Shalom PGH' as your 'Affiliated Group'. You'll be ordering hummus and falafel in lashon ivri - the Hebrew language - in no time!