03/22/2020: Synagogue Update

Dear Beth Shalom members,

The Beth Shalom leadership has spent a great deal of time over the past two weeks developing a plan that will help keep staff employed and community services functioning during these difficult times.   We previously reported that the building would be closed for functions through at least Friday, March 27. We are now extending the closure until after Passover, through at least April 19. To the extent possible, the ELC and professional staff will engage us, remotely, during this period by:

  • Moving most of our Derekh programming online, through Zoom conferencing
  • Holding daily and Shabbat religious services, also through Zoom conferencing
  • Creating our Community and Connection Initiative, to keep our community mentally, socially, and spiritually healthy while we are physically isolated
  • Continuing to respond to email and perform administrative and pastoral functions to support the congregation

More on each of these can be found on our website.   All Beth Shalom staff (ELC, Maintenance, Administrative, Cemetery, etc.) will continue to be paid through at least April 19. We will make further decisions about what happens after those dates as needed and dependent upon many variable factors, at a future time.   We thank you for your understanding.

Debby Firestone, President
Ken Turkewitz, Interim Executive Director