The Executive Committee is seeking nominations for the Lester Hamburg Member of the Year Award. This award was established in 1998 to recognize a member of our Congregation with the following qualities:

  • Participated in a broad range of synagogue activities over an extended period of time;
  • Exemplifies a leadership role in synagogue and community activities and programs; and
  • Demonstrates altruism and philanthropy according to his/her station in life.

Past Presidents and Officers who have not served in an elected position in the past ten years are eligible. Honorary Presidents are eligible five years after their election. Current Officers of the Congregation are not eligible for this award.

Previous recipients of the award were:

Harriet Kruman, David Graff, Norma Kirkell Sobel, Harvey Robins, Michael Samuels, Milton Eisner, Stephen Neustein, Ethel Helfant Feldman, Shirley Zionts, Gerald Kobell, Paul Shapiro. Arnold H. Lazarus, Yale Rosenstein, Sandy Zaremberg, Natalie Rosenbloom, Marlene Behrmann-Cohen, Julian Elbling, Judy Kornblith Kobell, Dorita Krifcher, & Nancy Zionts,

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