Shabbat Dinners at Home

Welcome to Beth Shalom’s Shabbat Dinners!

Thank you to all who participated in Beth Shalom’s Shabbat Dinners!

We are so pleased that our first dinner on October 19 was a success! Shabbat renews our energy and our souls. Sharing a shabbat meal is a great way to bring us together over good food and great conversation.

We hope to have these dinners two or three times a year. Please watch the bulletin announcements for the next dinner date. The most important ingredient is YOU! We hope to see you then as a volunteer to be a host, or sign up to be a guest.

Hosts either have a kosher home or they follow the Beth Shalom Kashrut Potluck guidelines (see link below). If you have any questions about food, prep, etc., please ask the Rabbi.