Our Commitment to You

During this sensitive time, Congregation Beth Shalom is taking steps to make sure all of our community is safe. Please read below any new information and changes to services and events.

Important clarification regarding attendance at upcoming Shabbat services:

Although we announced during the recent holiday services that Beth Shalom’s Coronavirus Task Force would now allow up to 50 congregants in the Sanctuary for Shabbat morning services, we must clarify that the intent was to open up these services after the coming round of benei mitzvah, which are on four of the next five Shabbatot. As of right now, these benei mitzvah services will be limited to the immediate family and a few guests of the benei mitzvah. All, of course, are invited to join us via Zoom.

Moving forward, we will give benei mitzvah families the option to either include or not include additional in-person participants at Shabbat morning services. For future benei mitzvah, families could invite additional guests, invite a smaller number of guests to provide further precaution for those attending, or include both invited guests and other registered congregants up to the 50-person limit.

We do apologize for any potential misunderstanding, and will update you as necessary. Thank you for your patience as we continue to find ways to offer our services in a way that is safe and comfortable for our membership.

Synagogue Status

Now that the Commonwealth has declared Allegheny County to be in the “Green” phase, it’s time for another update on what we’re doing at Congregation Beth Shalom. Unfortunately, the seriousness of the virus has not really changed over the past few months. Click here to read more. (As of 6-19-2020)

Religious Services

Currently, our religious services have moved online. Click here to read more.

The Shabbat Bulletin has moved to online. Click here to read more.

Weekly Events Online

In this difficult time, Congregation Beth Shalom is working to provide you with events available online. Click here to read more.


Do you know what’s happening with Congregation Beth Shalom? If not, or if you want to read about our latest news click here to read the latest issue of the Mishpachtenu!

Roof Construction Updates

Construction on our new solar roof on the school wing is underway. The roof is in the progress of being replaced, and the solar portion of the project is now out to bid (with a targeted installation in the fall).

Click here to see pictures of the ongoing progress.

Events Upcoming

Many of our departmental and special events have moved online. Click here to read more.