Take the CBS Karaoke Tefillah Challenge!

We challenge you to learn all of the songs in Beth Shalom's Karaoke Tefillah.

Watch the videos and earn 'Tefillah Cards' by doing related activities. Each activity earns one card. Earn as many cards as you can!  (You are not limited to earning one card per video). 

Earn 18 cards and earn a gift certificate to SW Randall.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but feel free to use your creativity to come up with your own idea!


1. Let’s see your Karaoke! Record your own video with you singing along!
2. Be a radio star!  Submit an audio recording of you singing along.
3. Do you play an instrument?  Play along with your instrument (audio or video).
4. Grab a friend and put on a skit based on this tfillah!

Respond (check out the linked translation if you want!)

5. What does this prayer mean to you?  Write or draw a picture representing how it makes you feel.
6. Write or draw a story in which someone uses this prayer. Why did they choose this prayer in that situation?
7. When in your life would this prayer be most relevant?  Write or draw a story.


8. Do you know another tune to this prayer?  Teach it to us!
9. Write your own tune to this prayer!
10. Do some research!  Where/when did this prayer come from (i.e. is it from the Torah? Is it modern?)

Share your creations!

Online: When you have something ready to submit click here.

In Person: Bring something to share about what you have learned to Youth Tefillah every Saturday morning at 10am in the Beth Shalom parking lot.  Leave your recordings and instruments at home, but get ready to “show and tell” your drawings, your performances, your writing or your thoughts.

Transliterations of the prayers can be found here.

Birkot haShahar and Pesukei D'zimra - Morning Blessings

Shaharit: Shema and Amidah