Since the events of October 27th, 2018, security at Beth Shalom has been enhanced in a number of ways. We are continuing to make changes to the facilities as well as improve policies and procedures to ensure the safety of everyone who enters our doors.

The most obvious, and perhaps important, changes concern the door access and the requirement to sign in at the front desk. The following access rules are now in force:

During the week (Sunday through Friday) -

  1. Guests, and anyone without a fob, must enter through the Main Entrance (Palkovitz lobby). Every person without a fob will be asked why they are here.
    1. If they are going to La Escuelita, the Chronicle, Sacred Spaces or the Kitchen, someone must come to the front to get them.
    2. If they know where they are going, and we know them, they do not have to sign in. If the front desk person does not know them, they must sign in.
    3. If a person is coming for the minyan (morning or evening), they must state why they are here, but they do not have to sign in.
  2. People with a fob may enter through the main entrance or the rear entrance (from the parking lot). If your fob is programmed to permit it, you may enter through the Shady Ave entrance, but we are discouraging the use of that entrance during the week.
  3. While, in general, only those with fobs will be able to enter via the rear entrance, exceptions will be made for the sick, handicapped, and the elderly. The front desk receptionist will be able to have some flexibility.

Please do not hold the door open for people entering behind you. If you feel compelled to do so, please ask them if they have their fob, or escort them to the front entrance. We are all, collectively, responsible for our safety.

On Shabbat (including Friday evening after preschool pickup) –

  1. Entrance is only permitted through the main entrance, rear entrance, and the Shady Avenue entrance. The Sisser Lobby Entrance are locked (emergency egress is possible).
  2. The front desk receptionist or greeter will ask each person where they are going. In general, there are only 3 options in the morning: the Beth Shalom service, the New Light service, or the Youth programs.
  3. There is no sign-in on Shabbat. There is no requirement to “buzz” to gain access – the receptionist will contact you, or, if recognized, let you in.
  4. Only those people going to a service are permitted entry (no contractors or other workers are permitted unless needed for emergencies or as approved by the Executive Director)

As a reminder, we have increased surveillance around the building and are monitoring the parking lot. Cars parked inappropriately in reserved spots will be subject to towing. Cars parked inappropriately in handicapped spots will also be subject to towing.