Pesah Talmud Learning 

Each and every year, we as a congregation, learn a tractate of Talmud. It just so "happens" that the final day of our learning falls on Erev Pesah.

We'd love if you joined us this year!

What is Moed Katan, this year's tractate, about?

Tractate Moed Katan deals mainly with the halakhot pertaining to the intermediate days of the Festival, which are often referred to as simply: The Festivals, in rabbinic literature. The discussion of these halakhot leads to a comprehensive treatment of two other fundamental areas of halakha: The halakhot of mourning and the halakhot of ostracism. (Koren)

If you click the button below, you will find yourself at the "table of contents" for our Tractate on Sefaria. There you can select today's page!

Would you prefer this Talmud in book form? Here's a link to what we're using.

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