Congregation Beth Shalom prides itself on its concern for those with disabilities, physical or mental, and strives to make participation and leadership a reality for all members. To this end, we are part of the Ruderman Inclusion Initiative which, under the auspices of the USCJ, seeks to enable synagogues to plan for and create environments where all can thrive.

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2018 Inclusion Shabbat

Speaking about being included in the Jewish community as someone with special needs.

Inclusion Shabbat Speech 2018

"I loved Beth Shalom Preschool. In fact, I never wanted to leave. My parents decided Community Day School would be the best place for me because 18 kids from Beth Shalom were going to kindergarten there. That meant a lot of kids would understand my speech and I would be comfortable around them. I loved Community Day. Again, I never wanted to leave. Being social has always been hard for me and I had found a comfortable place at at Community Day. I was also still comfortable at Beth Shalom and enjoyed services and Kadima. Not being at a Jewish high school was hard for me. I fell in love with volunteering at Friendship Circle where everyone is included and I also became active in USY. So even though I often feel different, I have made myself be included."

by Sammy Himmel
(Originally delivered at Congregation Beth Shalom, Shabbat morning, 5/12/2018.)