Below is a list of things you can do to help protect the environment.

  1. Perform an energy audit of your home to determine your home’s energy efficiency.
  2. Weatherize your home, by fixing leaky doors and windows and installing insulation.
  3. Reduce water waste by fixing leaky faucets.
  4. Look into installing rain barrels at your home to use the rainwater for your garden and eliminate overflows into the city’s combined sewer system.
  5. Replace old light bulbs with LED light bulbs.
  6. Look into the feasibility of installing solar collectors for your home like Congregation Beth Shalom has done.
  7. If solar collectors are not feasible, consider buying your electricity from a company that generates renewable energy.
  8. Consider replacing an old car with a hybrid vehicle for increased gas mileage or even buying an electric car.
  9. Purchase new energy-saving appliances if your old appliances are broken.
  10. Take reusable bags with you when you go grocery shopping.
  11. Separate your glass from other recyclables and take the glass to Construction Junction in North Point Breeze at 214 N. Lexington Avenue to be completely recycled. (Directions: Take Shady Avenue to Forbes Avenue. Turn right onto Forbes Ave. to S. Braddock Avenue. Turn left at S. Braddock Ave to Penn Ave. Turn left at Penn Ave. one block to North Lexington Ave. Go one block and it will be on the right.)
  12. If you are undertaking a home improvement project, such as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, donate the old kitchen or bathroom to Construction Junction ( so that it will be reused and not thrown away into a landfill.
  13. Consider walking or taking your bicycle for short errands.