Enriching lives through community, lifelong Jewish learning, & spiritual growth!


Derekh will be a center for pluralistic, engaging learning, and transformational Jewish experiences.


Through targeted programming, Derekh encourages participation in new ways, growing and expanding Jewish experiences within the five portals.

What this means for you:

Throughout this year we will be experimenting with new programs and activities, striving to meet your unique needs. We encourage you to reach out and tell us what you need, try something new, challenge yourself, and be a partner for this new project of Beth Shalom.

To see the breakdown of each portal, check out the Derekh info sheet here.

 Mindfulness Events



  • Shabbat Morning Warmup | Every Shabbat morning (without a Benei/Benot Mitzvah)
    at 9 - 9:30 AM in the Weinberg PavillionThe second and fourth week of every month is focused on Mindfulness experiences.

    • First Shabbat of the Month: Mussar Literature (Jewish self-improvement)
    • Second Shabbat of the Month: Niggun Circle (traditional wordless melodies)
    • Third Shabbat of the Month: Modern Jewish Text (exploring modern writing)
    • Fourth Shabbat of the Month: Introductory Meditation (sitting and discussion)
    • Fifth Shabbat of the Month: Surprise Bonus Warmup