Our synagogue and our society face an enormous challenge in the face of this pandemic. Our medical institutions are caring for people’s physical health. We have a different responsibility: to keep our community mentally, socially, and spiritually healthy while we are physically isolated. 
In order to meet those needs, we have launched the Community and Connection Initiative, a collaboration between Derekh and the Membership Committee, led by Jessica Hammer, Chris Hall, and Rabbi Jeremy Markiz. In addition to the regularly scheduled weekly Derekh programs, we’re developing new activities to help us through this period in our lives. There will be opportunities to spend time with one another, learn new things, and have fun together!
One of our first tasks will be to reach out to every member of the congregation, a process that is already underway. There are a number of ways you can get involved with the C&C Initiative, and we’re asking folks who are interested to fill out this form so we can be in touch with you: click here to volunteer!
If you would like to reach out, have a need, or want to help please email us at connectioncbs@gmail.com

C&C Initiative Events