Sunday, May 30
9 a.m to 3 p.m.

Rain date: Monday, May 31

Click map below for participating households.

A fundraiser to benefit the Beth Shalom Youth Department


Hold your own yard sale. Donate the cash you raise to Beth Shalom. Yard Sales are lucrative but overwhelming. We will help you and simplify the process. Funds will benefit the Youth Department's end-of-summer event.



Advertise city-wide: We will publish coordinated ads to appear in dozens of print and online media outlets. 

Design and give you posters:  We will design and print eye-catching signs to post in your neighborhood and direct people to your sale.

Generate foot traffic:  The synergy of a community-wide event will increase the number of shoppers.  We will utilize an app that shows a map of participating households and enables buyers to create personalized routes to shop efficiently. 

Spotlight your special items:  Tell us about your unique item and we will highlight it in our weekly “Spotlight” emails and website event page.  That collection of Grandma’s tea cups or Art Deco end-table that needs TLC could be what separate’s your sale from the rest and draws folks to your yard.

Virtual hand-holding with “how-to” tips:  We will share “Steps to Success” outlining a schedule of tasks and  best practices to guide you. 

Yard Sale Kit:  We will deliver a kit to you complete with signs, price stickers, money apron and more!  We’ll help you take care of the details for a stress-free experience.

Arrange pick-up of unsold items:  Stay tuned for the announcement of our partner organization.

Tax benefit:  In exchange for donating cash raised from your yard sale, we'll give you documentation at the end of the year acknowledging your tax-deductible contribution. 


Raise funds for Beth Shalom Youth Dept.

Engage the whole family in Tzedakah project

Make your trash our treasure!

Tip of the Week - #1


Dig through your garage, basement, attic, closets, cabinets, and under all the beds. A good rule of thumb is: if you don’t use it or wear it regularly (or you forgot it even existed), it probably needs to go. Gather definite yard sale items into one area of your home or garage.  

SELL: Tools, bikes, accessories (handbags, belts, hats costume jewelry), furniture, kitchenware, Linens (bedding, towels, tablecloths, curtains, pillows) sporting/camping gear, designer items, working appliances, sports memorabilia, toys (clean, not broken), gently used clothes (adult, kid, baby), un-opened toiletries (perfumes, lotions, etc.), books/CDs/records, Judaica/holiday items, etc.

DON'T SELL: Food, candles, swimsuits, mattresses, dirty/broken/recalled items, travel souvenirs, used undergarments, mismatched items (containers without lids, etc.), old electronics (no one wants your boxy CRT TV...)

Tip of the Week - #2


Once you’ve decided what to keep, sell and throw out, it’s time to get organized:

Sort like with like:
By gathering things into general piles, you’ll make it easier on yourself on the day of: Books over here, kitchen stuff over there, toys in this pile, clothes in that bag, etc.

Start saving boxes of varying size: Medium boxes to display books/CDs. Make sure they’re light enough to carry with the spines facing up, showing the titles. Larger ones for Records, or for carrying your bric-a-brac from garage outside where items will be displayed.

Start saving plastic bags and newspaper: Go the extra mile to wrap breakables in newspaper to safeguard in transport home. And customers will appreciate bags to carrying their finds home in.

Keep an inventory: You may want to write down and maintain an ongoing inventory list. This will help when, two weeks out, we ask you for your top categories or unique items you wish to highlight.

Tip of the Week - #3


We’ll discuss best practices for pricing standard items next week. But if you’re ready to part with furnishings or collectibles, now’s the time to do a bit of research. But keep in mind that people hunt for bargains and don’t general carry large wads of cash. Price it low and let it go!

Antique and Collectible: Examples: Grandma’s Teacup set, your coin collection, baseball cards, vintage Barbies, Lionel Toy Train set, antique camera, signed sports memorabilia, etc. Is the item you're considering really "antique," "vintage," "collectible," "retro," or "classic?" The answer, of course, depends on what you are selling. The Internet is your friend: Delve further into what these terms actually mean to help you sell old items with more confidence. But if you truly believe you have something of value, price it then be prepared to negotiate with interested buyers.

Furnishings: This refers to anything that can be carried and placed in a car. Search Facebook’s Marketplace, Craigslist (etc.) for similarly priced items such as lamps, chairs, small kitchen appliances, small area rugs, curtains, end tables, etc.

Tip of the Week - #4


When hosting a yard sale you make the most money when customers can easily see what you’re selling.   To display items prominently you’ll need to gather the following.  Don’t be shy about borrowing from friends if you need to:

Folding Tables (card tables, long 8’ foot tables, etc.)  You’ll want enough surface space to show off smaller knick knacks, such as picture frames, votives, vases, etc. these can easily get overlooked.

Clothes racks:  Hanging nicer clothes (coats, dresses, business wear, etc.) will keep your sale looking neat and make it easy to browse.

Carts:  Wheel out to your front yard more awkward items then use it to display.

Book Shelves:  It’s a great way to display books, DVDs, and other items.

Bins and Tubs:  Some items might be easier to sort through when gathered together: accessories (belts, scarves, hats, gloves)

Cardboard Boxes:  Various shapes and sizes.  Some to display on the tables, others to place under tables where people can rummage.

Tip of the Week - # 5


As a verb, “to merchandise” means to promote for sale. You have the power to make your wares look enticing, desirable and spark interest in an item.

Clean and polish: A beautiful vase sparkling in the sun will sell. A dusty set of cups won’t. It’s worth the effort to make sure items look presentable.

Dust off and wipe down: Books, furniture, etc. will get the attention they deserve if they’re appealing.

Wash: Trust me – no one wants to buy a wrinkled or smelly clothes. Make sure clothes are clean. Iron / steam it that’s what it takes to show off a clothing item to it’s fullest. You customer will look dapper in a pressed suit...

Bundle: Here’s where you can get creative: Put together a ballet dance bag, leotard and skirt and label it “Ballerina Starter Kit”. Fill a mesh bag with inflatable ball, sandcastle molds, a beach towel and label it “Fun in the Sun Pack”. Not only will these fetch more money but they’ll spark people’s imagination. Roll a colorful set of 7 baby clothes into a Ziploc bag, perhaps a “A Week of Onesies.”

Sort: If you have a lot of the same kind of item sort them into categories: For example place Books into different boxes so they’re easy to browse (spine of front cover visible) : Judaica, children’s, fiction, non-fiction. Sort clothes into bins by size, occasion (athletic wear, accessories)

Grab bags: Toss little toys and odds & ends in a box. Let kids fill up a bag for a quarter.

Tip of the Week - #6


Clothing and Accessories: Well-worn clothes grouped together by size (adult, children, and baby): $0.25 - $1. Consider $5/bag if you have lots. Nicer clothes (Brand name, new, formals, business, etc): Display hanging “Price as marked” - generally $5 - $15 or 30% off retail value if with original tags. Shoes: $1 - $5, jewelry $1 -$2; coats: $5 - $15.

Furniture and Decor: Small furniture (desk lamps, personal fans, chairs, etc): $10 - $30. Nicer furniture: 20% of the retail value. Knick-knacks: $1 - $3 unless nice / new in box: 15% off retail price. Artwork: $5-$30 depending on size, style, and frame quality.

Entertainment Items: Keep and price like items together: hardcover books: $1 - $2; paperbacks: $0.25 - $.50; Newer / “Coffee Table” books price higher; DVDs: $1-$5; Blu-rays: $5-$10; CDs: $.25 - $2. Don’t want to price each item? Clearly label box “HARDCOVERS $1/ea”, etc. Electronics and computers: tough to sell at yard sales - you're better off selling them online or recycling them.

Toys / Games / Puzzles (should have all pieces): $1 - $5. Toss little toys and odds & ends in a box. Let kids fill up a bag for $0.25.

Household Items: appliances, dishes, and anything kitchen-related: $1 - $5. Full sets of 4 or more (dishes, silverware, glasses, etc): 15% of retail price. Bedspreads, sheets, pillows, and other linens can be priced $1-$10 with new items priced higher, depending on the quality and style.