Judaism has been described as a civilization as well as a religion, and that is reflected in the culture and ethnic distinctiveness of the Jewish people. At Beth Shalom, we recognize that many Jews find their connection to the Jewish community through cultural activities and appreciation. This section highlights those activities and provides a window into the possibilities for cultural expression in Judaism.


Music is a fundamental part, not only of our heritage, but of our religion as well. From our Cantor Emeritus Moshe Taube, to our Rabbi Adelson, our leadership all have advanced degrees in music and are constantly looking at new ways to infuse music into the daily life o f the community.


Beth Shalom is a vessel for the creative beauty of its members. It starts with the incredible stained-glass window in the Faye Rubinstein Weiss Sanctuary, continues with the sketches of Henry Koerner at the Homestead Hebrew Chapel, and leads to the drawings of ushpizin drawn by Ilene Winn-Lederer in our Sukkah.

Whether Jewish culture comes through:

  • Literature
  • Architecture
  • Food
  • Dance
  • Dress
  • Language
  • Sport

Beth Shalom will be presenting interesting programs to highlight the unique aspects of our heritage. You may want to find out more at the Rauh Jewish History and Archives.

You may enjoy this Powerpoint presentation on Jewish artists: Jewish Art