Shavu’ot 5780

Our Service Schedule

Book of Remembrance

Beth Shalom has the Book of Remembrance booklets in the Palkovitz Lobby, for our members. They will be used for Yizkor on the second day of Shavu’ot, on Saturday, May 30.

Tikkun Leil Online

Online learning honoring Shavuot THE NIGHT BEFORE the holiday so all can participate. Sessions taught by well-known local rabbis and thinkers.

Youth Tikkun Leil Shavu’ot

in collaboration with the Youth Department, J-JEP and Rodef Shalom

Shavu’ot celebrates the giving of Torah on Mt. Sinai. To celebrate there is a tradition of staying up all night studying.

Youth Tefillah with Manny

This week only, Youth Tefillah with Manny has been moved to Thursday in observation of Shavu’ot. Please join us for this wonderful service!

Baby Bikkurim

Join us at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 31, the day after Shavu’ot, for our annual Baby Bikkurim celebration! We invite all families who have had babies in the past year to gather together for a brief blessing and a song, and to show off your baby on Zoom. The ceremony will take place at the end of that day’s Beth Shalom morning service (which begins at 8:00)

Derekh Post-Shavu’ot Learning

Hungry for more learning after Shavo’ut? Couldn’t stay up all night?