Hametz Sale 5777


As we approach the spring we naturally begin to focus on Passover (Pesah in Hebrew).  People start planning their Seder; who will be coming, which night will they have at their house or at someone else’s, what new kosher for Passover foods are there, where did we put Grandma’s special cookie recipe?

In addition to all of these thoughts, we also begin to work on cleaning our homes.  We work as diligently as possible to rid our homes of all “hametz.”  In the Torah we are instructed that “no leaven shall be seen or found in your possession during Passover.”  Some people work towards eating up all of their hametz before Passover and give away or dispose of any that is left over.  This is hard to do and for many it is not feasible.

Knowing of this hardship, the rabbis introduced a way for us not to “own” any hametz.  Before Passover we “sell” the hametz to a non-Jew for Passover.  After Passover, the goods all revert back into our ownership. If you want to know more about the intricacies of this custom, please feel free to ask Rabbi Adelson for details.

Please take the opportunity to fill out the form below and return it to the synagogue by 11:00 am on Monday, April 10 in order to have your hametz included in the sale.

While not mandatory, it is customary to include a donation to support the vulnerable in our community.  These funds will be contributed to Rabbi Adelson’s Discretionary Fund which is used to provide scholarships, offer assistance to those in need  and to promote Jewish cultural, educational and religious activities. 

Hag kasher vesameah (A Happy and Kosher Pesah)!
Rabbi Seth Adelson



I (We)  hereby fully empower and authorize Rabbi Seth Adelson to dispose of all hametz that may be in my (our) possession – wherever it may be: at home, place of business or elsewhere (knowingly or unknowingly). Rabbi Adelson has the full right to sell, dispose of and conduct all transactions in accordance with the detailed terms explained in the Hebrew contracts. The above power hereby given is meant to conform with all Torah and Rabbinic regulations to meet the requirements of Jewish law.

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